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Beige Merino Wool Blanket Throw

This is a high-quality Merino wool throw with fringes. Blue, green, pastel green or gray colors give it an effect of calmness, softness, and gentleness. This woolen blanket is indeed very soft and chubby. The herringbone pattern of this blanket is designed by Lithuanian designers and is simple yet sophisticated. 

This woolen blanket will become a unique part of your home interior, it can be used on your couch or as a rug, in the garden, while traveling as a car blanket, or during your summer picnics. 

Wool blanket can be used for everybody and everywhere, can be an exclusive gift for your loving ones! Perfect and unique gift idea birthdays and other occasions.

You will absolutely love the warm and gentle touch of this woolen blanket!

Made in Europe

SIZE: 140 x 200 cm / 55x 78.7"

MATERIAL: 100% Merino Wool

CARE: Dry clean and lots of ventilation. No tumble drying.

NOTE: Please note that colors may appear slightly different due to your monitor color settings.